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           Sunny Horse Stable - Horseriding in Hurghada, Egypt

I am Tito and my horses are my life. At the age of 9 I started to work with horses at the Pyramids of Giza. I cared for them, cured them when they were sick and got a feeling for their needs. During years of hard work I learned to ride and how to treat horses.

Since 13 years I am in Hurghada and guide riding trips for tourists from all over the world.
I speak Englisch, Russian and a little bit of German.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert rider. I have the perfect horse for every experience level. My horses are excellently trained and very easy to handle. I live with them together in the stable, care for them and train them.

I offer trips to the beach and to the desert. There you can try every one of the 4 gaits, walk, trot, gallop and flying (very fast gallop).

After that, horse and rider can relax while swimming in the sea.

I am looking forward to see you here in Hurghada!

Phone +20 / 111 008 2804
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Olga Kolesnikova(40), Russia: Horse riding in Hurgada! Checked personally. I recommend! For any level of training. It doesn't pay on the exploitation of horses. Here are people who are in love with horses! You will be picked up from any hotel Hurghada."

Diana Stillhard(22), Switzerland : "To go riding with tito and his horses is just an amazing feeling and you will never forget it!"

Charlotte Freeman, England : "I have been riding with Tito on many occasions and have always had a very happy time. He really cares for his horses which are very well kept. He and Mohamed are so kind and helpful to all their guests and friends!"

Kathe White, Switzerland : "My best friend and me were two times in Hurghada at Titos stable for riding his wonderfull horses. Its really amazing to ride in desert and also to the beach and go swim with the best horses ever! Tito love his animal really much and that u can see. All the horses have a reall good life by Tito. Come and Enjoy the Trips with Tito. Try to swim with the horses its amazing! I will look that i can go every year. Thank you Tito for this amazing moments!"

Stefanie Zila(24), Austria: "Tito is amazing with horses. He knows how to read the mind of his horses and he can talk to them. He can make crazy horses relax only by using his voice. His horses are great - they are incredable strong, fast and they always listen to their rider."

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